We installed these rodeChesterfield-rats-pest control derbynt bristle strips to this garage door as the gap under the door was large and the mice had gained access to all rooms of this property in Chesterfield via this entry point At this time of year rodent proofing stops any rodents from getting into your home and stopping any infestation from starting within your home or office . Pest control is important especially during winter so if you need advice contact a professional.


This farm in Dronfield has been over run by rats for many months after getting in touch with use we set out a plan of action to remove this rodent infestation we carried out a extensive site survey we found the rodents were living under the water troughs and between the concrete block these areas were targeted and we removed 87 rat over 7 days now the site is under control The owner was so pleased he now wants use our pest control company to carrier out  regular visits to keep this site clearer .


Our Pest Control Derby team installed this new bird control system call bird free gel at offices in the Alfreton area of Derbyshire it works on pigeons and most other birds as they see in ultraviolet light ant this gel admits this light and the birds see it as a barrier of fire and don’t come near this type of bird proofing is effective and also very cost effective We have installed this of system on many buildings  within Derbyshire


The pest control Derby team were called by a new owner of this building in Derby city center to sort out a large pigeon infestation that had been using this site as a roost for many years the colony of pigeons was over 200. We removed all of the pigeons and removed all the pigeon fouling from this 2 story building and disinfected the all site this site is now clear and safe for humans to enter and completely pigeon free. BEFORE AND AFTER TREATMENT PICTURES

This is a job the pest control derby team carried out in Matlock using uv tracking dust this showed our client how these rats were moving around there loft space and we found the entry point to this building and also there nest which we removed the loft space was covered in urine and droppings so our client had us remove the loft insulation and we carried out a Biokil treatment to remove any bacteria  left in the loft from the rodents fouling now this loft is safe for our client to enter safely.

Quacking idea! The wine estate that’s farmed with the help of 800 DUCKS who help to eliminate pests and fertilise the vines

“Vergenoegd Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa, has hundreds of Indian runner ducks to help them farm” By Qin Xie, Mail Online

As a professional pest control derby company we are always keeping an interest in innovative ways to manage pests. Though initially a bit quirky we came across this unusual pest control method from a South African farm. This post shows some great pictures you must check out to believe; were they use 800 ducks to help control their pests. From eating the snails to also contributing to fertilising the land they have an extraordinary use.

Italian mosquito app

“Smartphones are being used to combat the dreaded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.” By News from Elsewhere as found by BBC Monitoring for BBC News
The pest control derby engineers often come across important new technologies that can improve our pest control methods. This exciting new development is a helpful smartphone app created in Italy initially to search for the activity of mosquitos which creates a pest “heat map” in its search to determine were such species are. This technology could have further applications and we hope could be applied to other pests. Find out more with our link to the original article.

Britain braced for invasion of fleas due to summer heatwaves

“Experts say conditions – a mild and wet winter followed by a summer of heatwaves – are ideal for the pests to thrive.” By Jim Hardy and Joshua Nevett, The Mirror
The pest control Derby technicians usually see an increase in calls over Summer but what we are called out for can change every year. Latest reports have shown that recent heatwaves have created perfect conditions for a flea invasion. This article talks about the possibilities of homes being tormented with infestations of fleas following what could be the one of the hottest Summers in 40 years. So there you go homeowners with happiness of potential sunshine comes misery of potential pests! Our advice read the article we have linked to and brace yourself for the coming flea storm.

Are you next? Blood-sucking bedbugs overrunning Brit homes at epidemic levels

“FORGET a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams, if this plague takes hold in your home you will be living in a waking nightmare.” By Patrick Knox, The Daily Star
It’s not often that our pest control derby team are called out to the sight of bedbugs but this could soon be about to change. This article reports that in the last 6 years’ cases of bedbugs have risen by 20%. Pest controllers thought they had literally put the problem of bedbugs back to bed but it appears what use to haunt the homes of Britain’s in the 1930’s and 40’s is becoming a serious modern threat. Learn more about this potential pest problem from Patrick Knox and our link to his article at The Daily Star.

Ryan from Bury tries pest control Aussie style with crocs and snakes

“Pest control work in the UK is really repetitive, mostly dealing with rats and mice, but there it was ‘manly’ animals.” Ryan from Bury, By Bury Free Press
Pest Control Derby Homeowners require isn’t always to exotic, with many common pests ranging from insects to rodents. Last week saw the start of a new TV series called Deadliest Pests Down Under on Dave. It looks at pest controllers from around the UK being given the task of dealing with much more unusual pests. From contending with crocodiles to snakes it definitely makes the odd rat look rather meagre in comparison. Read more here about how they coped with the task from the article at Bury Free Press.

Dealing with Pest Control On Your Propertypest-control-derby-30

Are you in need of pest control Derby homeowners? Insects, rodents or wildlife causing a nuisance or even harm to you and your property? There are certain things you can do to prevent and possibility eliminate these pests yourselves but they are with their limitations. You should be cautious when it comes to taking on your own pest control and when in doubt or if the problem is to sever always seek professional help. This article explains why it is important to hire a pest controller when all else fails in your own pest control efforts.

Controlling Pests

  • You can only trap and kill permitted pests.
  • Use permitted methods of pest control.
  • Use a UK marketed poison to kill the pests its intended for. (Follow packaging instructions)
  • Only use traps on appropriate pests they are approved to be used for. (Follow instructions on use)

You Cannot Use the Following Pest Control for Wildlifepest_control_in_derby

  • Harmful and dangerous equipment such as Self-Locking Snares, Bows and Crossbows.
  • Any kind of explosive that is not a licenced firearm or legal ammunition.
  • Any form of “Live Decoys” such as animals or birds unless you have a licence.
  • It can be an offence to keep and release certain wild animals and if you do catch them you must kill them humanely.

As you can see tackling certain pest infestations can be complex depending on what you are dealing with it. It is certainly easy to deal with say a common insect infestation then it would be anything to do with wildlife. If you are struggling with your pest problem, it is best to seek the appropriate advice from those who are experts in the field.
For instance, you can contact the local council and they can help pass you on to the best trusted pest controllers in your area or provide their own services but at a charge. Alternatively, you can seek out a pest control company direct and they can provide you with the advice and services you need.
There is a lot to consider when it comes to pest control, undertaking it yourself may cause more problems in the future. Especially if you fail to eliminate the pests completely or you could be subject to a fine or imprisonment if you cause unnecessary harm to others or the pests if not done correctly.
The protection of certain species of animals that we may regard as pests is often something of great importance to conservationists. That is why some wildlife habitats are protected and it can be an offence to in any way to disturb, damage, destroy or prevent access to any place a species uses for shelter, protection or breeding. If your household has a pest problem that covers a particular species of wildlife, then you will need a licenced pest controller to deal with it, as they need to conform to certain regulations.
You can find out more from the GOV website or The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) about how to best approach your pest control for your property. Our Pest Control Derby team can also help answer any questions you may have simply call us on 01332 561659!